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world growth

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Spending plans by China provinces

Spending plans by China provinces

BEIJING, Dec 2 (Reuters) - Yunnan's intention to spend heavily to buy base metals is just one example of the ambitious spending proposals that China's 31 provinces, regions and municipalities have rushed out in recent weeks.

Local governments have treated Beijing's Nov. 9 announcement of a 4 trillion yuan ($586 billion) economic stimulus package as a green light to dust off plans for investments that until then had been blocked by planners who were nervous about creating unwanted capacity.

Here is a partial list of provincial and municipal spending plans drawn from official websites and media. There is no guarantee they will be approved, let alone financed and executed.

BEIJING: The city government plans to spend 120-150 billion yuan in the next two years, catalysing 1 trillion yuan of overall investment.

GANSU: 16.5 billion yuan on road improvements in 2009.

GUANGDONG: Total investments worth more than 2.3 trillion yuan over 5 years.
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GUIZHOU: 120 billion yuan on expressways alone through 2010.

HAINAN: The island province has listed major investments worth 207 billion yuan in total.

HEBEI: 559 key investment projects with a total price tag of 588.9 billion yuan.

HEILONGJIANG: 200 major investment projects are on the drawing board for coming years with a total price tag of 657.1 billion yuan.

HENAN: Total investments of 1 trillion yuan in 2009.

HUBEI: Total investments of 1.5-2.0 trillion yuan in 2009 and 2010, part of a plan to spend 8 trillion yuan through 2012.

HUNAN: Investments of 700 billion yuan in 2009

JIANGSU: 300 billion yuan in government-sponsored projects that will generate total investment of 1.2 trillion yuan in 2009 and 2.5 trillion yuan in 2010.

JIANGXI: 163 new projects totalling 300 billion yuan.

JILIN: 400 billion yuan in infrastructure projects in coming years.

LIAONING: 1.3 trillion yuan in fixed-asset investment in 2009.

SHANDONG: 240 key investment projects totalling 800 billion

SHANGHAI: 500 billion yuan by the end of 2010, with most of the money to be spent on affordable housing.

SHANXI: 650 billion yuan in investments by the end of 2010

SICHUAN: 800 billion yuan by the end of 2010, catalysing total investment of 3 trillion yuan in the quake-stricken province.

TIANJIN: An additional 100 billion yuan this year.

YUNNAN: Plans to complete investments of 1 trillion yuan in 2009 and 2010.

ZHEJIANG: Government spending of 350 billion yuan, catalysing total investment of 1 trillion yuan. (Reporting by Zhou Xin; Editing by Alan Wheatley)

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