world growth

world growth

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

China earns more than $50 billion a year in interest from the United States ?

An article from New York Times:

China Grows More Picky About Debt

Few interesting pieces of information in this article:

That said, recent Chinese and American data suggest that an astounding 82 percent of China’s $2 trillion in foreign reserves is in dollars, according to calculations by Standard Chartered.


China now earns more than $50 billion a year in interest from the United States, Mr. Setser at the Council on Foreign Relations calculated.


China’s leaders were able to buy more Treasuries in recent months without buying more dollars because they have abruptly turned their back on the market for securities issued by government-sponsored enterprises.

China was the world’s biggest buyer of these securities a year ago, splashing out more than $10 billion a month.

But in the 12 months through March, it actually had net sales of $7 billion, and ramped up purchases of Treasuries instead.


After six years of silence, China unexpectedly disclosed last month that it had been gradually buying gold from domestic producers. The country’s reserves had climbed from 600 tons in 2003 to 1,054 tons, worth $31.8 billion at prices late Wednesday.

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